Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Darling Lime Green Cupboard

I know it has seemed like forever since my last post! The boutique was a huge success, so thank you to everyone that supported me!! I've been busy finishing up the school year, (I am the PTA president) and it has been crazy busy!! But, I am back.
I've had quite a few people email me, and facebook me and even call me and ask to see what I have leftover from the boutique. So, I decided to post one item each day and see if anyone wants to purchase them. If you do, email me and I will save it for you. I will be clearancing out some of the items, because I just got another huge load of stuff that I need to start working on. So I need to make some room!

First item is this darling lime green cupboard! It would be so cute in a kitchen, or a childs room, or a play room, or in a foyer, or, or, or. The possibilities are endless.
$45 for this item.