Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been noticing these a lot lately in magazines and in stores, but I also noticed that they were pretty pricey. And I am all about having 3's of everything (I know, I'm weird.) Anyway, I knew that if I had to purchase three of these, I might get in trouble. So, I figured out how to make them myself.

So first thing...off to the Dollar Store, where I found these glass vases.

Next, the D.I. I was looking for glass candle holders. You can find them there for about .75.

So next is the glue. I went to Lowe's and asked the friendly lady there what type of glue to get. She told me that either the Gorilla glue or the two part epoxy would work great. So I bought both. I tried both. I don't love both. The gorilla glue didn't dry clear and it bubbles when it dries. The epoxy, worked good. But it smelled like a skunk! So, next time I use the epoxy, it will be outside for sure. After I chose my glue, I used a toothpick to put some on the top of the candle holder and then a little on the bottom of the vase, then I just stuck them together! So simple, and sooo cheap!!

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