Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moss Balls

When I decorate my house, I am always looking for "space fillers". You know what I mean? It's not the focal point or anything I really want to stand out, it just needs to fill some empty space. Enter, moss balls.

For this you will need a styrofoam ball, some moss and some hot glue.

You will want to work in small sections at a time. Put a little hot glue on and then tear off some of your moss and stick it to it. This gets really messy. So definitely work somewhere where you can just sweep everything up when you are done.

Or you can have your three year old daughter mowe it for you.

When you get all of your moss on, (it will take a lot), then you just need to trim off all the crazy little pieces that stick out.

Then put it in a basket or bowl and look how fabulous it looks!!

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