Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old Bread Box

I found this little beauty at the D.I. for only 2.00. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. When I brought it home my husband thought I was insane. I really should have taken a before picture, but I really wanted to get the thing sanded and the u.g.l.y. glass out of it pronto! The glass by the way was etched with bread written really "fancy", because bread is sooo fancy. Anyway, so I broke the glass out and started to sand away the dirt and grease that was caked on it.

Once it was all sanded and distressed, then I covered it with a special walnut colored stain.

Then wipe off the stain and let dry.

When it was completely dry, I used my staple gun and put in some chicken wire where the glass once was. Much better...

By the way, this is one of the many items that will be for sale at my upcoming boutique...details to come soon.


  1. of course you make the ugliest things so cute. Wish i would be there for your boutique.

  2. LOL! I so thought the first picture WAS the before and I was like, "but I think it's cute." LOL! Good to know I have an eye for cute :) I wish I could find cute things like that...BTW...What is D.I.?

  3. Thanks Breann! I wish you were going to be here too!!

  4. Cabubsmom- you are so funny! I'm glad you liked the "after" - and the D.I. is a thrift store here in Utah, it's really called Deseret Industries. It's like a salvation army, but they are everywhere. Thanks for checking out my blog!!