Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Shoe Art

My baby is 3 years old and it is killing me that she isn't tiny anymore! I've been giving tons of her clothes away lately, but this little zebra pair of shoes I couldn't part with. So I decided to frame them and keep them forever!

I got an old frame and took out the glass, then painted it pink to match my little girls room. After it dried I sanded it and glazed it.

Next, I found an old book with quotes and poems and ripped out some pages on children.

Once I tore out the pages, I modpodged them onto the front of the cardboard backing from the frame.

When everything was dry, I took my little girls shoes and put E6000 glue onto the soles and stuck them to the cardboard.

I let them dry for 48 hours and then I put the frame back together. I tied a white piece of ribbon on the top of the frame to hang it up. Beautiful!