Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jute Fruit

I got my new Ballard Design Catalog in the mail a few days ago and fell in love with their giant jute covered pears. But the price was terrible! So off to Michael's I went. I took my 40% off coupon and got a bag of faux pears. They were 12.99 and with my coupon they were only around 7.80 for a bag of five! Awhile ago when I was at Hobby Lobby I grabbed some rolls of jute. Jute is really cheap, like 400 feet for 2.69 cheap.

To begin, you will need to use your hot glue gun and put a little glue at the top of the pear, by the stem and just start wrapping the jute around. You will just need a little glue every so often, just make sure you wrap the jute tightly without any spacing.

My three year old likes to pose, even if it's while holding a pear. I ♥ her.

I also jute wrapped some styrofoam balls. Next, I'm going to jute wrap one of my kids...
The DIY Show Off


  1. What a clever idea...they look great :)

  2. Briley is the cutest!
    I will definitely try that:)


  3. Lovely! I love how you can achieve the look of something you would find in an expensive store for much less money.

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