Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Felt Flower Pin

I loved the way the little flower in the center of my flower pillow turned out, so I decided to make a flower for my daughters hair or a pin for a shirt.

To begin, you will need to trace a circle onto some felt. I used a tea cup.

Once you have several (approx. 10) circles traced, cut them out.
Then, you will take your hot glue gun and put a small dot in the middle of one of the circles. Then fold it in half sealing it with the glue.

Then put another dot of glue at the bottom of the flat part of the half circle.
And fold in half again.

When you get all but one circle done, you will take your glue gun and place a small dot of glue in the middle of the open circle and start gluing your folded circles onto the open one.

Just keep gluing until there is no more room on the circle.

When it's finished, take a small hair clip or pin and glue it onto the back of your flower, I secured mine with a little piece of felt, but it isn't necessary.
Then put it on your 3 year old to model while she watches Dora. Fabulous!


  1. I think I'll make one of these for my spring bag. What a beautiful little model you have!!!!

  2. What a beautiful flower! What did you use to attach the flower? A pin back or hair clip?